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Myopia is known as short-sightedness or near-sightedness. It happens when the focal point falls in front of instead of on the retina, resulting in blurred distance vision. The further the focal point is from the retina, the more blurred the vision will be.


Myopia tends to worsen as a child grows until their late teens or early 20s, which may affect their education and leisure activities such as sports. High myopia has future implications such as increased cost of spectacles, more dependence on spectacles and higher risk of ocular complications.

Myopia Management is a more proactive approach to deal with myopia, especially to the rate of progression. We do not have a solution to reverse or halt myopia progression but we now have evidence-based products to reduce the speed of myopia progression.

Child with misight contact lenses


MiSight is the first licensed product to reduce myopia progression. MiSight contact lenses are made of soft daily disposable material which ensures optimum sterility, comfort and simplicity, considering children will be using this product. Teaming with the ultimate care we provide, we will ensure the fitting and aftercare process is as smooth as possible.

Misight 1 day cooper vision lenses

MiSight lenses can only be fitted by accredited practitioners at specific practices. Our qualified optometrist, Mr Seer Hor, is accredited to fit MiSight lenses and is happy to consult children on suitability.


Please contact our practice to book in. To have the best outcome, we recommend an up-to-date eye examination before the fitting of MiSight. 

An eye examination at Martin Steels Emsworth is more than just an eye test.

We are striving to provide the next level of care.