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The Optomap® is now a staple scan as part of our comprehensive eye examination. An Optomap® using Optos® Daytona Plus literally gives us a 200° field of view of your retina.


See Figure 1. This is massive compared to 45° using traditional retinal photography. Retinal photography is now considered old school. This technology has been around for decades, it started with film then digital photography but the principles are the same. It is definitely better than nothing but has limitations compared with current technology.

comparison of eye test with optomap and without

Figure 1

To give you a perspective, Figure 2 is a pair of images, on the left was taken with traditional retinal camera and on the right was an Optomap® taken with our Optos® Daytona Plus. They are size-matched of the same eye in real clinical setting of an actual patient (not a model).

Optomap vs retinal photography (1).png

Figure 2

As well as giving your an ultra-widefield scan of your retina, Daytona Plus is also able to perform a medical imaging technique called autofluorescence imaging of your retina. Autofluorescence imaging is relatively new in eyecare.


Currently, not many NHS hospitals are able to perform that but we can! This technology shows up certain condition, such as atrophic macular degeneration, while it will be relatively invisible to traditional techniques. Combined with its ultra-widefield capability, Optos® Daytona Plus is just something else entirely.

An eye examination at Martin Steels Emsworth is more than just an eye test.

We are striving to provide the next level of care. 

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