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Hello from Seer Hor

A personal statement from Seer Hor, March 2022

To many of you whom I have the pleasure to meet at Martin Steels Emsworth, I thank you all for trusting me as your eyecare practitioner. To our future patients, I welcome you to meet our warm and friendly team. I have been part of Martin Steels' team since December 2015 and have been a very happy employee ever since. As one's retirement is inevitable, Martin has carefully planned and crafted his retirement with one priority. That is PATIENT CARE WILL REMAIN AT A HIGH STANDARD. This objective is consistent with my philosophy, which is why we worked so well together over many years. This is true with all team members at Martin Steels. Over the years I have worked very hard with Martin and the team to provide you the best patient care. Following Martin's retirement, I would like to reassure all patients that we will continue to do so and we will not be stopping there.

Seer Hor

31 March 2022


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